• First Reads: The Impermanence Of Lilies

    A melancholic tribute to the nature of life and a yearning for love, in a story that reaches across lifetimes, borders, and the space between two hearts. This is an excerpt from The Impermanence Of Lilies by Daniel Yeo.
  • First Reads: In This Desert, There Were Seeds

    From our shifting sense of community and identity, to our frustrations with existing political, social and economic structures—In This Desert, There Were Seeds transcends boundaries and captures the persistence of ordinary lives in deserts literal and metaphorical.
  • First Reads: Interpreter of Winds

    Often an unnoticed caress on our faces, winds are voiceless and formless. How do we interpret them? What mysteries can we find in the whispers of winds?   This is an excerpt from Interpreter of Winds, the debut collection of short stories by Fairoz Ahmad.