a tiny space

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by fifi coo & family


“I stand and face the sea,
as the waves come crashing to the shore,
the music of the sea is thunderous and loud.
Yet I am unafraid, I chase the waves, I run about,
excited but calm, I want to explore, I only want more.”
— fifi coo, 11 June 2016

After eight years of quiet, fifi coo found his voice through the collective love of a family, the patience and resourcefulness of a mother, and a simple alphabet board. The board became the interface between fifi’s thoughts and the public world beyond him. With it, he speaks poetry.

How open are we to specialness in our lives? Open the door to the tiny spaces within you, and let in fifi coo’s inner light..

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About the Author

fifi coo's introduction of himself

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ISBN: 978-981-11-8857-2
Published: 2018
Dimension: 115mm x 170mm  
Extent: 188
Finish: Paperback

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