Lost Nostalgia by Mohamed Latiff Mohamed
Lost Nostalgia by Mohamed Latiff Mohamed

Lost Nostalgia

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by Mohamed Latiff Mohamed
translated by Nazry Bahrawi

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A rainbow is glimpsed in the enveloping darkness of Mohamed Lati Mohamed’s stories. Precious because it is mostly fleeting—a herd of cattle finds deliverance from slavery in heroic resistance and death; a fisherman disappears of his own free will to escape the disintegration of island life. These and other characters experience conditions, often described in hyper-realistic detail, that speak to our appreciation of change, injustice, and other facts of life–religion, family, friendship, love, to name a few. While salvation does not come easy or even happen in Latiff’s stories, there are exceptional moments that can push readers into the outer limits of their existence.

About Mohamed Latiff Mohamed

Mohamed Latiff Mohamed is one of the most prolific writers to come after the first generation of writers in the Singapore Malay literary scene. His many accolades include the Montblanc-NUS Centre for the Arts Literary Award (1998), the SEA Write award (2002), the Tun Seri Lanang Award, Malay Language Council Singapore, Ministry of Communication, Information and Arts (2003), the National Arts Council Special Recognition Award (2009), the Cultural Medallion (2013), and the Singapore Literature Prize in 2004, 2006 and 2008. His works revolve around the life and struggles of the Malay community in post-independence Singapore, and have been translated into Chinese, English, German and Korean. Two of his novels have been translated into English as Confrontation (2013) and The Widower (2015).

About the translator

Nazry Bahrawi is literary critic and educator at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. As a literary translator, he works on transforming Bahasa texts into English. Nazry has translated Nadiputra’s play Muzika Lorong Buang Kok (2012), Fuzaina Jumaidi’s poem “Tika Hamba Menjadi Tuannya” (2015) for the Mentor Access Project that is managed by the National Arts Council of Singapore, as well as the 2017 winning short story for the Golden Point Award, “Balada Kasih Romi Dan Junid”. He has also subtitled the classic Malay film Noor Islam (1960) produced by Cathay Keris. Nazry was formerly the interview editor of Asymptote, an international journal of literary translation.

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ISBN: 978-981-11-5301-3
Published: 2017

Dimension: 130mm x 200mm
Extent: 200
Finish: Paperback