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Notes After Terawih

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by Ziks


‘Tarawih’ (Arabic) comes from the root word that means to take a rest, and take rest I did. Notes After Terawih is a series of word sketches I drew based on my distracted observation during night prayers, or terawih prayers, done in a single mosque during Ramadhan. Thousands of us here in Singapore engage in terawih for thirty nights in a row – that’s a huge multitude of experiences. Yet, all these experiences are tucked within the walls of the mosque and ultimately remain in Ramadhan... As a new kid in this terawih thing, I decided to take some notes. None of these were written on the spot. Instead, they were recalled and typed on my phone as I headed home for the night.

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About the Author

Ziks has a reputation for being slow so it is no surprise that this book is made up of words from years ago. She is currently interning at the National Archives and trying to figure out how to use her hands more than her head. She enjoys having conversation with nice strangers and hopes to have a dedicated and accommodative studio cum workspace one day.


... an endearingly familiar pious insecurity, combined with an astute Singapore-Muslim humour ... a peek into the inner life of ordinary Muslims ...
—Ibrahim Tahir, owner of Wardah Books

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ISBN: 978-981-11-8109-2
Published: 2018
Dimension: 115mm x 170mm  
Extent: 80
Finish: Paperback



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