Joshua Chiang's Greeting Cards: Pack of 6

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Choose 6 from the following designs (please specify your choices in the "Special Messages" text box while checking out):

TPC 0001 - It is Christmas in the heart... - William Thomas Ellis (OUT OF STOCK)
TPC 0002 - Christmas waves a magic wand... - Norman Vincent Peale
TPC 0003 - You can never truly enjoy Christmas... - John Richard Rice 
TPC 0004 - Blessed is the season...  - Hamilton Wright Mabie
TPC 0005 - The warmth and joy of Christmas... - Emily Matthews
TPC 0006 - The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree... - Burton Hills

TPC 0007 - We all have been created for the sole purpose... - Mother Teresa
TPC 0008 - If the only prayer you say... - Meister Eckhart
TPC 0009 - Time you enjoy wasting... - John Lennon
TPC 0010 - I'd rather die deceived by dreams... - Fariduddin Attar
TPC 0011 - Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you... - Rumi
TPC 0012 - Our purpose here is to observe... - Australian Aborigine Proverb
TPC 0013 - Flow with whatever may happen... - Chuang Tzu
TPC 0014 - Love does not consist in gazing at each other... - Antoine St Exupery
TPC 0015 - Perhaps they are not stars in the sky... - Eskimo Proverb
TPC 0016 - If we stand tall... - Yoruba Proverb
TPC 0017 - The path of the enlightened one... - Buddha
TPC 0018 - Where there's charity... - St Francis of Assisi

Each card comes with a white envelope.

About the Illustrator

Joshua Chiang is a self-taught illustrator/writer/director. He is the illustrator for several print books and ebooks such as Monsters On The Wall, Javier’s Day, The Chronicles of Oujo series (which he also conceptualized) and Haee: The Cat With a Crooked Tail. In 2003, he co-wrote and co-directed the digital feature film S11, which has been screened at various international film festivals such as the 9th Shanghai International Film Festival. He has also written for animated series such as Nanoboy, Master Raindrop and Zigby. He is now developing original concepts for animation and books through his company Cerealbox Studios. For more information about Joshua Chiang and Cerealbox Studios, visit


“Joshua Chiang can’t fool me. This is the product of one who has watched too many cartoons and is still playing with his imaginary friends. His characters have been around long before their lines and colours are pressed onto a page. Their endearing, vivid expressions are those of his soul at its various stages of growth and inquiry. Trackless Paths is a delightful rest house between innocence and experience, listening and applying, on this lonely journey of life we share.”
- Gwee Li Sui, Writer, literary critic, graphic artist

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Dimension: 180mm x 130mm
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