Footfalls in the Rain

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by Rosaly Puthucheary


Footfalls in the Rain, in 4 Cantos, is a long poem about the journey from youth to age. Each canto deals with one aspect of the psychological journey. However, many of the individual poems are reflections inspired by actual trips made between 1989 and 2001 to different parks of the world. The musings in each poem is grounded in the reality confronted by the poet during her travels. The inroads into her emotion convey the underlying area of tension giving the sequence a certain poignancy.

About the poet

Rosaly Puthucheary, a Singaporean with roots in Johor Bahru taught English Literature in Anglo-Chinese Junior College from 1984 to 2001. She retired from teaching in 2001. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy was conferred on her in February 2006 from the National University of Singapore.

In addition to the present book, her major publications include Pillow Your Dreams (1978), The Fragmented Ego (1978), Dance On His Doorsteps (1992), Mirrored Mirages (2008), Different Voices (2009), The Tessellated Path (2009),In the Wake of Terror (2012) and My Burning Hill (2012).

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ISBN: 981-4022-41-1
Published: 2008
Dimension: 125mm x 190mm
Extent: 58
Finish: Paperback

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