Straight from the Heart

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by Pratap Nambiar
transcreated by Dr Ho Chee Lick

About the Author

Pratap Nambiar has always tried to achieve a balance between the heart and the mind. In 1997, one of his poems was published in The Glow Within, a select collection of poems from around the world. His first collection entitled Over the Years was published in 1990 by Writers Workshop, a small non-profit and non-political publishing house devoted to Indian creative writing in English. Several of those poems have been reproduced in this book. Besides poetry, he has written in several journals and newspapers on matters of human interest.

A successful corporate executive with over 35 years of experience, Pratap has lived and worked in many parts of the world – India, Nigeria, Russia, Indonesia, US, the Middle East and all over the Asia Pacific region for the last 14 years out of his base in Singapore. He has been greatly interested in developing insights into different cultures and how they impact the process of building relationships of trust.


A collection of over 40 poems first written in English by Pratap Nambiar and then transcreated in Chinese by Dr Ho Chee Lick. The latter, after 10 months of intense interaction with the poet, was in turn moved to the extent that he found his own style of painting markedly changed.


“The poems are specific to a context, a history and geography which have invariably affected the poet and which have contributed to his peculiar sensibility – a sensibility which I can only best describe as being global, philosophic and worldly-wise.”
– Dr Kirpal Singh, Singapore Management University

"A heartfelt cry in simple rhythmic tones ring out from these poems. Matched with a deeply sensitive rendition in Chinese and the translator's provocative ink paintings, the poetry has an added dimension of significance and depth of meaning."
– Teo Han Wue, Art Retreat

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ISBN: 978-981-08-1355-0
Published: 2008
Dimension: 200mm x 210mm
Extent: 100
Finish: Paperback

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