My Daughter, My Friend: Letters to a Daughter by Irene Chua Hwee Kee
My Daughter, My Friend: Letters to a Daughter by Irene Chua Hwee Kee

My Daughter, My Friend: Letters to a Daughter

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by Irene Chua 蔡慧姬
Chinese translation by Peggy Chan 苏陈佩仪

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There are many things a mother longs to tell her daughter about growing up, to prepare her for the adult world, to share a bit of herself and to link her with her heritage.

My Daughter, My Friend is a set of personal letters in which Irene Chua shares her deepest thoughts as a mother with her daughter, Ming, as she approaches womanhood.

Written when her daughter was 17 till she turned 21, these letters, while celebrating that unique relationship between a mother and a growing up daughter, provides valuable insights into life, which mothers sometimes wished they knew how to put across and daughters wish their own mothers had talked to them about.


这是一位母亲写给她女儿的一些书信,虽然当时那女儿没有闲暇去理 会母亲的劝导,也自以为懂得的事很多
我希望这本书不但对我有帮助,它也能 指引所有阅读这本书的女儿们,因为当中藏有很多母亲们感到难於启齿的话题。

About the Author

Irene Chua Hwee Kee enjoys her children and grandchildren, reading, writing and drawing when she is not working as a dentist in her clinic. She is the adoring grandmother of four grandchildren and with her husband babysits them when called upon by her daughter and son. She started writing when she was in her thirties, and contributed to the Straits Times as a freelance writer in the 1980s and 1990s. She also wrote for magazines like — Her World, GO, Young Parents, Your Healthcare Guide and Impact.

This is the new edition of her book first published in 1996.


她也为 各种妇女杂志、健康杂志撰稿。本书在一九九六年初版,英文新版在二零一三年 发布,这是第一次发布中文版。


“This is a bunch of letters that one mother wrote to her daughter who was too busy to listen and thought she knew it all. I hope that this book will speak to daughters as it did to me many years ago, with words so many mothers find difficult to say.”
— Sheena Tan Hwee Ming, mother of three daughters, 2, 5 and 7

“Beautifully heartwarming... a delightful collection of cherished moments between mother and daughter. Relevant then, these lessons in life are still very real today. Motherhood isn’t easy, but this book is a touching reminder that the end result is well worth the journey.”
— Tania Tai, mother of a girl aged 13, and two boys, 8 and 15

"Heartwarming and so human, Irene has crossed cultures with her honest upfront approach to the mother-daughter relationship. Blessed with a unique style, she offers love and advice wrapped up in a truly satisfying read."
— Caroline Gregory, who has a son and a daughter in their 20s

"Comforting. Each letter was as if my own mother was writing to me. Thank you, Irene for reminding me of the special friendship I have with my mother. I will cherish it forever. I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic read."
— Brenda Goh, 18

"I was inspired to start writing letters to my children. And I am enjoying a closer relationship with them through more open communication. Thanks so much for sharing."
— Eileen Shu Portwood, mother of a boy aged 15, and a girl aged 16

“...Chua's thoughts, concerns and questions about what is important for her teenage daughter in most cases echo the universal concerns of mothers across time and space.
— Raihanah M.M.Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language & Literature

As the father of a daughter who is fast approaching her teens, I found much in Irene’s book that I’d like my precious child to know when she’s ready. I’m sure mothers will see even more in these letters and may want to use them as a timeless stimulus and resource for meaningful mother-daughter correspondence. It's also an excellent study in impactful communication. 
Phillip TowndrowChristian Educators Together

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English Version
ISBN: 978-981-07-5830-1
Published: 2013
Dimension: 130mm x 200mm
Extent: 182
Finish: Paperback

Chinese Version
ISBN: 978-981-09-1842-2
Published: 2014
Dimension: 130mm x 200mm
Extent: 164
Finish: Paperback