Sampan by Chua Hui Ying
Sampan by Chua Hui Ying


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by Chua Hui Ying
illustrated by Dawn Ang

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The author grew up in a house with a garden that had many tropical fruit trees. The garden was always alive with birds chirping in the day and crickets screeching at night. Her family even had the occasional abandoned domesticated rabbit that sought shelter among her mother’s bushes − a treat no doubt!
After a rainy day, there was always a snail or two to find and she loved to dig up earthworms. Nature brought much joy to her childhood.

Sampan (wooden boat) is Chua Hui Ying’s first children’s book. It is her hope that Sampan, in its own small way, introduces nature to children and stirs up their imaginations as well, with the help of parents and teachers.

About the Author

Chua Hui Ying has a Master of Arts and is currently pursuing a course on counselling. She lives with her cat, Pumpkin and loves nature and travelling. 


"Sampan (“wooden boat”) is a collection of verse inspired by the author’s childhood home and its many tropical fruit trees. “[I] hope that Sampan… introduces nature to children and stirs up their imaginations, with the help of parents and teachers,” Chua says in her note to readers and their caregivers. And the book accomplishes just that. Sampan‘s twee, saccharine poems describe Singapore’s urban flora and fauna, and educational extension activities punctuate each page.Ang’s illustrations, however, are striking. A beautiful two-page spread, illustrating Chua’s poem “River Rushing,” for example, uses bold color and unique perspective.  Another spread, illustrating “Fireflies,” is moody and evocative."
- Notabilia

"... Sampan is the ultimate book to remind children not to forget to use their imagination."
-  Priscilla, Priscilla and her Books

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ISBN: 978-981-07-9265-7
Published: 2014
Dimension: 210mm x 210mm
Extent: 16
Finish: Paperback