Chong Zi Liang

Chong Zi Liang is a sub-editor with The Straits Times whose features, columns and photo essays appear in Singapore's national broadsheet.In 2009, he worked for the Nepali Times in Nepal, where he first got to know the retired Singapore Gurkhas. The experience inspired him to base his Final Year Project in university on the Gurkha Contingent of Singapore. He graduated from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in Nanyang Technological University in 2010 with an Honours degree in Communication Studies.

Books by Chong Zi Liang


Discover the untold story of the Singapore Gurkha through the eyes of different generations who carried the famed kukri blade: The rigorous, punishing training that forges elite soldiers; the family lives of these paramilitary policemen; and the lengths their sons go to follow in their fathers's footsteps.

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