Dennis Yeo

Dr Dennis Yeo has taught at primary, secondary, junior college and tertiary levels in a teaching career spanning three decades. He lectures at the National Institute of Education. He is the author of Telltale 11 Stories: A Study Companion and the editor of Ku*lit: Asian Literature for the Language Classroom and Teaching Literature in Singapore Secondary Schools. He received the NIE Excellence in Teaching Award in 2013.

Books by Dennis Yeo


Hook and Eye: The Study Companion walks the reader through the short story anthology edited by Dr Philip Holden, Hook and Eye: Stories from the Margins, a recommended O-level literature text in Secondary Schools in Singapore. The anthology is a curation of poignant and enduring stories that give insight into the lives of marginalised individuals in Singapore. 

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Besides their rich heritage, canonical texts are selected for study because of the wealth of available critical study and research materials. Telltale: Eleven Stories, however, being a newly prescribed O-level Singaporean text, does not enjoy such an advantage. This Study Companion attempts to address the gap. 

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