Edwin Thumboo

Edwin Thumboo, Emeritus Professor and Professorial Fellow, National University of Singapore, has been involved in Singapore’s literary developments since 1951. He has published five volumes of poetry, the latest being Still Travelling (2008). Thumboo received the Singapore National Book Development Council’s Book Award for Poetry in English thrice, South-east Asia Write Award (1979), Singapore Cultural Medallion (1980), ASEAN Cultural and Communication Award in Literature (1987), and the Raja Rao Award (2002) and Singapore’s Meritorious Service Medal. Poetry Festival Singapore (2015) is his most recent start‐up.

Books by Edwin Thumboo


This collection contains Prof Thumboo’s latest works. Especially interesting are the poems based on biblical characters, something very close to his heart in recent years. Some evergreens of his works are included, such as “A poet reading”, to make this a most collectible set of his published works.

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Anthologies are well-established institutions. They are especially useful in promoting interest in poetry. &Words: Poems Singapore and Beyond attempts to do so through a fresh approach. 

Featuring 170 poems by 73 Singapore poets and 35 overseas poets, it is hoped that this selection will add to the growing interest in Singapore literature, particularly its poetry. 

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