Eric Tinsay Valles

Eric Tinsay Valles seeks to give witness to hope amid the fragility of human nature. His poetry has been featured in &WordsReflecting on the MerlionCeriphSoutheast Asian Review of English, Routledge’s New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing and other journals.  His critical essays have appeared in The Asiatic and Writing Diaspora. He won a Goh Sin Tub Creative Writing prize for poems that form the core of his second book, After the Fall (dirges among ruins). His first poetry collection is A World in Transit.

Books by Eric Tinsay Valles


Glimpse into the lives of Filipinos in Singapore, and see Singapore from their eyes. This Philippine-Singapore anthology presents a spread of concerns written in three genres by 30 contributors. The essays, stories and poems trace well-travelled routes of family, friendship, faith, and love; they enter intimate spaces opened up by the sleight of the writer’s hand, experiences that would have been closed to the naked eye and an unimaginative heart. 

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This collection explores the creative space of poetry as a means to unravel feelings evoked by the violence of war or by everyday traumatic events. One may come to terms with uncomfortable, including unspeakable, feelings by describing them with imagery from nature and one’s immediate environment. 

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The world is on the move. As a result, people everywhere are increasingly caught in hybridity or cultural mixing even as they assert their individuality. Indeed, migrants, the subject of many of Eric Tinsay Valles’ poems, yearn especially for an escape or exile from the messy present. 

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