Fleur Vella-Chang

I live in a magical place called Singapore where it’s summer all year round and a tiger escaped from a circus and was found in a very famous hotel.  A place, where on some mornings, I’m fortunate enough to spot an Oriental Pied Hornbill or a handsome grey monkey looking suspiciously at me through my living room window. There are also snakes that live here, which are so enormous they can eat small dogs!

Books by Fleur Vella Chang


Can you help my friends and I find our way around Singapore? We’re off on an adventure exploring colours, letters and numbers. ROAR! EXCITEMENT GALORE! You’ll have fun with:
Tactile Tracing, Creative Colouring, Sticker Sticking

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What do the animals from the Singapore Zoo do on their day off? They meet for cake and tea at Raffles Hotel of course. This little book for early readers is a celebration of important landmarks and icons in Singapore.

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