Heng Siok Tian

Heng Siok Tian has published five collections of poetry: Crossing the Chopsticks and Other Poems (1993), My City, My Canvas (1999), Contouring (2004), Is My Body a Myth (2011) and Mixing Tongues(2011). Her poems have been anthologised in publications such as Journeys: Words, Home and NationNo Other City: An Anthology of Urban Poetry and Moving Worlds. She also wrote short stories and short plays. She was a Fellow with the Iowa International Writing Program in 2000 (on a National Arts Council Fellowship). She also participated in literary events in China, Denmark, France, the US and the Philippines.

Books by Heng Siok Tian


The passing of the mother together with memories of other losses and absences come together in Lost Bodies, a meditation on the transience of time and love and an invitation to get away—physically or spiritually—from worldly concerns to explore a different history, a different culture, a different light, laced with dreamy scents and the faint calls of fado.

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One ancient land. Four writers. Guilt, ruins, loss, fear of change, and forgiveness. Enter a labyrinth of stories prompted by shared experiences, shaped by different themes, provocations, inspirations, and styles.

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