Ho Ren Chun

Ho Ren Chun wrote his first poem on a piece of newspaper when he was 8 years old. Since then, he has been writing in classrooms, in airplanes, restaurants, parks, even in washrooms. Now 18, he continues writing with a passion. Besides compiling a collection of poetry for his family when he was 13, he has contributed to school magazines, online forums, and has had his writings featured in The Straits Times. He achieved the Top in the World award for his IGCSE (English) exam. He is currently finishing his IB Diploma at ACS (International).

Ren Chun also enjoys drama, and acted in school productions of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Animal Farm and Monty Python. His other interests include romance, ramen, and running. He’d like to write a graphic novel some day and has a ginger cat named Sandwich.

Books by Ho Ren Chun


Often winding through Singaporean streets, yet finding itself in intimate moments, Shrines & Streetlights juxtaposes the old and the new, youth and age. It compares love and loss, and reconciles life and death. These themes intertwine to capture the intricacy of human realities often fraught with both passions and miseries, and most poignantly, help us understand their inextricable link.

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