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The Birthday Book (Lewis Liu) The Birthday Book (Cheryl Chung) The Birthday Book (Kia Jie Hui)
Lewis Liu is a curious individual who is always on a lookout for a good story
or an interesting idea. When he was working in the government, he helped agencies prepare for the future, and build a better relationship with the public. Now, he is effecting change from the outside—providing advice to the government through a consultancy firm.
Cheryl Chung can usually be found somewhere in the tangled web connecting strategic foresight, public policy, social innovation, and design. As co-founder of, she is currently obsessed with how to expand the space for non-partisan data-driven discourse and hopes this will help us make better decisions for Singapore’s future. She thinks about the future. A lot.
Kia Jie Hui is a young adult who identifies as Singaporean first and global cosmopolitan citizen second. She works as a senior sustainability advisor at the global non-profit Forum for the Future, where she uses future trends, visions, and scenarios to help businesses map their route to a sustainable future. Having worked in the government, private and now non-profit sector, she wonders if more cross-pollination across these sectors wouldn’t be a good thing. 


Find out more about The Birthday Book here.

You can invite up to three of the contributors - Cheryl, Jie Hui and Lewis - to facilitate a dialogue session with students who are keen to tackle big ideas and aren't afraid to speak their mind. The contributors aim to zero in on both the problems and the innovations in their field of expertise, offer students their perspective on current affairs, and to generate excitement and participation in the Singaporean conversation!

For rates, availability and further details, feel free to contact Jennifer at jenniferkwan (at) pagesetters (dot) com (dot) sg.

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