Isa Kamari

Isa Kamari is a prominent figure in Singapore’s Malay literary scene. He has gained critical acclaim for many of his works, which range from novels and short stories to poetry and essays. He is also a musician and has crafted scripts for television and theatre. In 2007, his contributions to the nation were officially recognised when he was conferred the most prestigious arts award in Singapore, the Cultural Medallion; he is the first non-full-time artist to receive the award.

Books by Isa Kamari


In 2001, the prolific Singapore author Isa Kamari undertook the pilgrimage to Mecca. Two years later, he wrote a series of 100 poems based on this experience which was published in Malay as Munajat Sukma. The collection was subsequently republished as a triptych of chapbooks in 2006. Pilgrimage is a translation of a selection of these poems.

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