Jinat Rehana Begum

Jinat Rehana Begum has taught Literature and English in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Singapore. Jinat studied early nineteenth-century novel reception for her doctorate at the University of York and retains a fascination for the many ways readers shape writers. She began scribbling poetry on the back of used envelopes as a teenager and started to experiment with prose when she bought her first computer. First Fires is her first novel. Inspired by Neighbourhood, a single by British indie rock band Space, her next project is a collection of stories about the residents of a high-rise apartment in Singapore.

Books by Jinat Rehana Begum


In the early seventies, a father defies the two-child policy in Singapore and insists on a third. He wants a second son to help protect his frail daughter Sarah. When another daughter is born, he breaks with Islamic tradition and whispers a personal mantra into the ears of his new-born daughter Sal. As she grows up, she hears her father repeat these words.

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