Lee Chiu San

After National Service in 1970, Lee Chiu San joined the mass media as a journalist. After stints in advertising and publishing, he found what he described as an honest and satisfying vocation selling cars, which he did from 1986. From the 1970s to the 1990s, Chiu San was active in motorcycle and car racing, both as an official and as a participant. In 2007, Chiu San retired from the automotive industry. Since then, he has taken long driving and motorcycle riding tours and volunteered in nature conservation projects.

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Chinese naval vessels threaten Philippine patrol boats off the shores of the Philippines… China claims sovereignty over the Spratleys in the South China Sea... China unilaterally establishes an East China Sea Air Defence Identification Zone. Will an economically ascendant China become a military bully? East Asian nations, having enjoyed half a century of spectacular economic growth, now find themselves mired in a new world hotspot.

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