Leonard Ng

Leonard Ng was born in Singapore in 1979. He studied Sociology and English Literature at the National University of Singapore, graduating with First Class Honours. His work has appeared in a variety of places, including Ceriph, the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, the anthologies Love Gathers All and Coast. He is also a translator of classical poetry into English. This Mortal World, his previous collection of poems (also published by Ethos Books), was shortlisted for the 2012 Singapore Literature Prize.

Books by Leonard Ng


Uncompromising yet accessible, the six sequences in Changes and Chances explore love, sorrow, time, nature, and humanity. By turns passionate, hermetic, and heartbreaking, they simultaneously endure and celebrate all the imperfections of the world. Leonard Ng blends free verse with adaptations of both Western and Asian forms to create a musical poetry grounded in the traditions of both East and West.

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Gods, animals, and men walk together in the landscape of these poems, sometimes aware of each other, sometimes not. A man and a hawk lean over a railing looking out at the world below; a rainstorm rejuvenates a carload of teachers; a congratulatory message from the stars arrives years after a relationship has ended. A jealous fox spirit causes trouble in England; a dying bat takes off on the last flight of its life. Together these poems present a cosmophany, showing forth the world in all its transience and beauty.

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