Lydia Kwa

Lydia Kwa was born in Singapore. She now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is the author of three novels, This Place Called Absence (shortlisted for the Books in Canada First Novel Award), The Walking Boy (shortlisted for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize) and Pulse. She has published two collections of poetry The Colours of Heroinesand sinuous. Her visual art has been shown at Centre A gallery for Contemporary Asian Art in Vancouver. For more information, visit her personal website.

Books by Lydia Kwa


A young man dies by his own hands, and leaves behind a note urging his mother to remember Godzilla’s touch, a reference to her relationship with Natalie Chia in 1970s Singapore. A novel about unrequited love and the compelling power of memory, Pulse investigates the disturbing force of personal and collective trauma, while testifying to the resiliency of the human spirit.

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