M Ravi

M Ravi was born a few years after Singapore achieved full independence and began its journey of self-discovery. The grandson of immigrants from Tamil Nadu (India), Ravi grew up in the twilight of Singapore’s kampong period, with his early years being spent in a mixed-race kampong. His family then moved to one of the first high-rise HDB sub-cities, where he completed his school years and early adulthood.

After fulfilling his National Service duties, Ravi studied at the National University of Singapore, finishing with an Arts degree. He then studied Law at the University of Cardiff in Wales.

He was admitted to the Singapore Bar in the mid-1990’s and over the last decade has been involved as lead lawyer or supporting voice in some of the Lion City’s highest-profile cases. His work in the field of human rights has made him a recognised and respected figure not only within Singapore, but also internationally.

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Taking up human rights causes in the Lion City is often perceived by the authorities as an act of disloyalty, and those labelled as disloyal can see their own rights and liberties impinged upon. What are the springs of this commitment and the moral strength that have allowed Ravi to continue on this sometimes perilous path?

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