Madeleine Lee

Madeleine Lee is an investment manager who also writes poetry. Although she has a financial background, she has a great love for writing. She has been writing poetry since she was 13.

Madeleine’s poems have been adapted to short films, dance and full length theatre productions. Her work is also in numerous anthologies such as Little Things: An Anthology of Poetry and translated into Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Chinese and French. She has read in poetry festivals in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, HK, Hanoi, Paris, Melbourne and Adelaide.

She has also initiated many poetry-related projects, namely: NORA, the NLB Online Repository of Artistic Works (2004), ‘The Second Link – a showcase of Singapore Malaysia Literature’ for SWF 2005, ‘y grec’ for SWF 2007, ‘Moving Words’— poetry on the MRT for SWF 2010. She is currently working on a theatre production of one point six one eight with Cake Theatre.

She lives in Singapore.

Books by Madeleine Lee


This volume of poetry fuses financial mathematical concepts with poetic responses to life experiences to form a long multi-part poem based ostensibly on risk terminology. Using mathematical principles and concepts, the volume explores relationships of the non-mathematical sort.

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one point six one eight is a long poem in two parts: ‘migration’, with 13 smaller poems, and ‘home’, with 8. The book title reflects the ratio of 13/8, or the golden ratio of 1.618, a proportion of beauty which occurs in nature.

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