Malminderjit Singh

Malminderjit Singh is Associate Director of Public Affairs and Communications at The HEAD Foundation, while being a speech writer and an adjunct academic – all symptoms showing that he is clearly suffering from the hangover of being a journalist. A restless individual, he is involved in several national and community-based organisations and committees. Youth development and building ground-up-initiatives are his primary weaknesses and the opportunities to be involved in both are a temptation his curiosity cannot stop flirting with.

Books by Malminderjit Singh 


his edition presents 52 responses to “What Should We Never Forget?” The contributors have drawn from personal encounters, academic and professional experiences, and cornerstone values in their lives. Read their stories for a glimpse of our nation’s spirit—mortal, vulnerable, restless, resilient, and aspirational. What’s your response?

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“What is Singapore’s Next Big Thing?” An intellectual salvo from young and passionate Singaporeans inhabiting different slices of Singapore society, The Birthday Book is a collection of 51 essays presented as a birthday gift to the nation and its people. What are the milestones that Singapore is headed into – the next big things – in the view of this inaugural group of contributors?

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