Muzakkir Samat

MUZAKKIR SAMAT is training to be a Civil Engineer at NUS. Born and bred in Yishun—home of the Yishun Dam and Yishun Park—Muzakkir has been a big fan of green spaces, wide landscapes and rising suns. He volunteers regularly with FiTree, a Muslim youth environmentalist group, advocating a greener lifestyle for the Muslim masses. Considering the likes of John Muir and Ralph Waldo Emerson as his heroes, Muzakkir would love to walk the path of enlightenment through nature. He believes that the relationship between reading nature and reading poetry is an intersection worth exploring.

Books by Muzakkir Samat


From Walden to Woodlands is an interfaith anthology of poetry about nature in Singapore. Showcasing a diverse range of writings from a kaleidoscope of faith perspectives, this collection draws inspiration from native flora, fauna, and natural habitats, besides exploring humanity’s relationship with the environment.

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