Prabhu Silvam

Prabhu Silvam is a Singapore-based writer and poet whose works have appeared in Esquire MagazineCampus Magazine (Singapore), POSKOD.SG, and Sports+Travel Magazine. Born and bred a Singaporean, Prabhu sees writing and documenting the human condition as a necessary means of expression—the art form of telling and re-telling a story. Most recently, his works were published in Epigram Books’ Best New Singaporean Short Stories Volume One and local literary journal Ceriph. 

Books by Prabhu Silvam


Riot Recollections brings us back to the ground and to the individuals who were in the thick of events at Race Course Road. As the noise from disgruntled and shocked Singaporeans die down, the witnesses now speak, offering a glimpse into a place that still carries the trauma of the riot long after all debris has been cleared.

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