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Preparing a manuscript for submission can be a daunting task, but by following some guidelines, you can give your work a better chance of being accepted. Take some time to find out more about the publishers you are approaching: their mission as a publisher, the genres they publish, and their manuscript submission procedures. At Ethos Books, we are happy to answer enquiries over the phone or email. We accept all manner of literary work—poetry, short stories and novels—including non-fiction titles such as biographies and historical books. However, we are more selective about young people's books (children's and adolescents' titles).


Besides your manuscript, please provide the following:

1) A brief resume or cover letter highlighting your writing interests,
any past or ongoing writing projects, and your contact details.
2) A synopsis of your manuscript, and a plot summary especially if a long-form work.

You may combine these into a single document. A few pages should be sufficient for us to learn more about you and your work. Make sure that your cover letter and manuscript are well-organised and proofread. Sloppy submissions will adversely affect your manuscript's chances of being considered. Please refer to this document for formatting guidelines.


You may choose to submit your manuscript and the complementary documents by email or by post, but we prefer the former. If form is integral to your text, you may send along an additional PDF copy of the manuscript for our reference.

For hardcopy submissions, please address the package to "The Editor". Remember to keep at least one copy of your manuscript for yourself as publishers are generally not obliged to return your submission, and cannot be held responsible for lost manuscripts.

You can expect an acknowledgement of receipt and/or response to your manuscript within two weeks of mailing or emailing it. If you do not receive word from us, feel free to contact us to ask about it.


The Ethos team conducts monthly manuscript evaluation sessions where scripts scheduled are anonymised, and due to the volume of submissions, we take an average of three months to read, discuss and respond to manuscripts. The waiting period may vary with the time of the year (festival seasons and the later half are generally more hectic) and our publishing schedule.

It is acceptable to submit your manuscript to more than one publisher at a time. You may choose to disclose this information in your cover letter, as it sometimes spurs publishers to respond earlier to your submission.


When you are ready, send in your manuscripts to us at:


All the best!

If you are interested in independently publishing your work, that is engaging our professional publishing services, you can contact our colleague Kah Gay here.