Timothy O’Grady

Timothy O’Grady was born in Chicago and has lived in Ireland, London, Spain and Poland. He was in Las Vegas after receiving a fellowship from the Black Mountain Institute there and stayed on for another year to teach. Apart from Children of Las Vegas: True stories of growing up in the world’s playground, he has written three other works of non-fiction: Curious JourneyOn Golf, and Divine Magnetic Lands. The first of his three novels, Motherlandwon the David Higham award for the best first novel in 1989. O’Grady’s next novel, I Could Read the Sky marks his earlier collaboration with photographer Steve Pyke and won the Encore award for best second novel in 1997.

Books by Timothy O’Grady


Award-winning author Timothy O’Grady lived and taught in Las Vegas for two years, and in a class he was teaching, his students began to speak of what it was like to grow up in the world’s playground. They spoke of being robbed by their parents, routinely losing their homes and raising themselves while their parents pursued the addictions serviced by the city. There were overdoses, desert shoot-outs, suicides, all before high school was over.

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