Tom Soper

Tom Soper began his professional photography career when he moved to Singapore in 2010. During his five years in Singapore, Tom worked with a wide range of clients from global corporations to families to schools. Alongside commercial assignments, Tom enjoys working on personal projects, including volunteering his skills to NGOs—a career highlight was to photograph Aung San Suu Kyi at the Special Olympics Winter Games in Korea.

Tom has been commissioned by National Geographic Traveller Magazine and his photographs of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Singapore were widely published across the world. He has been a finalist in several competitions including Travel Photographer of the Year 2014 and BBC Travel Photographer of the Year.

Tom now lives in the UK where he continues to strive to improve as a photographer. He is currently shooting a project on the Landscapes of East Anglia. As well as photography, Tom’s other passions include running marathons and spending time with his son Sam and his wife, Lizzi, a teacher.
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Singapore is a melting pot of nations: people from all over the world come to this small island to live and work. Tom Soper captures 50 stunning portraits of people from 50 different countries, where they and Soper share their thoughts and feelings about Singapore, their home countries, photography and portraiture. A beautiful parting gift to the city-state on her 50th birthday, Singapore: A Portrait In Diversity is a photography project celebrating the incredible diversity within this pulsing, red dot.

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