Creatures Big and Small: Poems and Drawings from Behind the Blue Gate

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by Teo Soh Lung


TEO SOH LUNG was imprisoned without trial under Singapore’s notorious Internal Security Act between 1987 and 1990. In solitary confinement for more than two years, she drew inspiration from little living creatures that lived in or visited her cell. Lizards, spiders, ants, crickets, beetles, toads, and grasshoppers were all welcomed to her cell and closely observed! They were her inspiration. Sharing food and lodging with them, she drew numerous drawings and composed rhymes and songs about them. She was particularly fond of one long‐time resident, a lizard. As much as she was observing it, she was aware that it too was observing her!

Of the 62 original poems in English, 22 had also been translated into Chinese by Lim Pai. 


"Approaching the writings of prisoners of conscience permits us to peer, at several removes, into the minds of the better human beings amongst whom we are privileged to live. Teo Soh Lung is one such, a lawyer who, in the seventies and eighties, applied the implications of her upbringing and education to the demands of social justice. This collection of her prison musings, complementing her earlier memoir, Beyond the Blue Gate, offers a rare insight into the courage and humour that must characterise the survivors of state detention and torture. Buy this book—and her earlier one—read it again and again, and allow the hideous farce of her nine hundred‐day experience to become a permanent dimension of your moral system."

—Dr Vincent Wijeysingha

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    ISBN: 978‐981‐11‐8716‐2
    Published: 2018
    Dimension: 150mm x 210mm
    Pages: 148
    Format: Paperback

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