(Imperfect) Get Lucky: An Anthology of Philippine and Singapore Writings

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Glimpse into the lives of Filipinos in Singapore, and see Singapore from their eyes. This Philippine-Singapore anthology presents a spread of concerns written in three genres by 30 contributors. The essays, stories and poems trace well-travelled routes of family, friendship, faith, and love; they enter intimate spaces opened up by the sleight of the writer’s hand, experiences that would have been closed to the naked eye and an unimaginative heart.

A natural complement to Love Gathers All, the first-ever anthology of Philippines-Singapore love poems, Get Lucky nourishes the bonds between members of these two countries by furthering the understanding of assumptions, beliefs as well as behaviours that are common or that divide.



(Imperfect) Get Lucky: An Anthology of Philippine and Singapore Writings

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Manuelita Contreras-Cabrera, Migs Bravo-Dutt, Eric Tinsay Valles