Guai Wu, The Chinese Elf

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by Adeline Foo

illustrated by Christine Lim Simpson


Guai Wu looks different from other children. Because of this, they shun him and hurl ugly names and unkind words at him. One day, Guai Wu met a seamstress who took him into her house, and offered him food and shelter. Then, mysteriously, beautiful embroidered shoes started appearing in her home. Does Guai Wu have anything to do with them? And does he finally find acceptance for who he is?

Guai Wu, The Chinese Elf is the latest book in the Monsters in the Mind series. Set in China during the Qing Dynasty, the story offers a retelling of the classic Grimm Brothers’ fairytale, The Elves & The Shoemaker, with an elfin child repaying kindness with love.

About the ‘Monsters In The Mind’ Series of Books

Written by Adeline Foo, this series targeted at children ages 6 and above, feature monsters’ as central characters. These monsters, however, are intangible ones derived from shadows, sounds and imaginations in overdrive. Each story's moral, subtly embedded, touches on positive values such as love, kindness and trust. It is hoped that as children read on and discover that the monsters exist only in their minds, they will banish their fear of them. Other books in this series include Monsters On The Wall, Nu Nu, The Ring-Necked Monster and The Thing Under My Bed.

About the Author

A mother of three, Adeline Foo received the inaugural First Time Writers & Illustrators Publishing Initiative Award given by the Media Development Authority and the National Book Development Council of Singapore in 2006. Since then, she has published four books featuring denizens of Singapore’s tropical rainforest, Ben’s Friends from the Rainforest, Secret Hoarder, Lost in the Secret Garden and The Midnight Tree.

The first book was adapted into a cartoon and aired on national TV and showcased at an animation fair in MIPCOM, and Cannes. In June 2008, the National Heritage Board supported Adeline to develop a series of stories entitled Peranakan Fables.

This series for young readers showcases the unique Chinese-Malay-European immigrant hybrid culture of the Peranakans, in The Beaded Slippers, The Kitchen God and The Amulet and Chilli Padi. The Peranakan Fables received excellent reviews in the Singapore press, and even made their way across the globe to the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany and Singapore Day in Melbourne, in October 2008.

Also written by Adeline Foo is Georgette's Mooncakes, available in English and Chinese, the first book in a new series featuring the inspiring works of Singapore’s pioneer artists, using art as a backdrop and the paintbrush as a magical tool.


Christine Lim Simpson has always dreamt to be in publishing. Since becoming a mother, Christine found herself increasingly interested in children’s books. Her two daughters inspired her to pick up her pencils to draw again. In 2005 she began taking her dream as a children’s book illustrator seriously, combining her passion for fine arts and storytelling. She has illustrated six big books for educators and pre-schoolers in developing countries since, and has continued to create pictures for children’s books. Christine hopes that every child will harness the power of his or her dream and reach for the stars.

Other Children's titles by Adeline Foo

Monsters in the Mind Series:
Nu Nu, The Ring-Necked Monster
The Thing Under My Bed 
Monsters On the Wall

Georgette's Mooncakes, available in English and Chinese, is the first book in a new series featuring the inspiring works of Singapore’s pioneer artists, using art as a backdrop and the paintbrush as a magical tool.

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ISBN: 978-981-08-2898-1
Published: 2009
Dimension: 250mm x 230mm
Extent: 36
Finish: Paperback

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