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by Daren Shiau

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Heartland explores the paradox of rootedness and rootlessness facing Singaporeans born after the Japanese Occupation. Wing, who has just been conscripted, is unable to reconcile his future but unwilling to dwell in the past. He finds his own meaning in an intense attachment to his surrounding landscape. Yet, as relationships and the years slip by him, Wing is irresistibly forced to question his own certainties and the wisdom of the people he values.

About the Author

Daren V.L. Shiau is a prize-winning novelist and poet. He is a recipient of the Tangerine Award for short fiction and the National Book Development Council’s Singapore Literature Prize Commendation Award for his debut novel Heartland. In 1999, Heartland was selected by The Straits Times as one of the 10 Best Reads of Year. Shiau has also published an acclaimed poetry collection, Peninsular: Archipelagos and Other Islands. His works have been featured and performed in Singapore, Australia and Europe. The Arts Magazine, Singapore’s pre-eminent publication on the arts, has picked Shiau as one of the 10 new arts talents to watch. Shiau has also been awarded numerous national and Commonwealth distinctions and was named the Outstanding Young Person of Singapore in 2000.

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ISBN: 981-04-5605-0
Published: 2002
Dimension: 130mm x 203mm
Extent: 228
Finish: Paperback

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