(Imperfect) In the Space of A Poem: Vol. 2 | 一首诗的时间: 第二辑

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承接 2015 年 6 月的“一首诗的时间”计划,新文潮文学社于 2016 年 7 月,再次举办了三十日的写诗活动。这是一个让民众发表诗、阅读诗及进行交流的平台。活动的主题是“生活的每个角落都有诗”,试图捕捉生活中的诗意,探究空间、身体、欲望、语言、体制与社会,从生活的方方面面切入。诗人可按照指定主题、形式或艺术手法进行写作。其中除了包括以分行或分段文字为主的诗,也包括了图像诗。

“Poetry exists in the nook and cranny of everyday life.” This was the theme of a month-long open call, and 《一首诗的时间 2016 》 is the crystallisation of poetic responses to 30 daily prompts.

Out of the community of participants who have gathered online to celebrate the writing and reading of poetry, the editors have selected 104 poems that represent an infinitude of diversity: in these poems, one encounters concepts such as freedom and perspective; places such as coffeeshops and toilets; translations and re-creations out of existing poems; familiar as well as experimental forms. What comes through is the irrepressible energy that animates the imagination and words of individuals who see poetry in the simple ordinary.

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TrendLit was established on 7th December 2012, by an independent group of passionate NTU Chinese undergraduates, with the objective of promoting and redefining Singapore’s Chinese literature.

Programmes and initiatives by TrendLit have always been highly regarded by our readers, the media and the Chinese community. WhyNot《不为什么》is TrendLit’s publication to encourage experimental works and new voices through open calls. In addition, the magazine features writers and artists from our local scene, such as Yeng Pway Ngon, Liang Wern Fook, Danny Yeo, Alvin Pang, and Joshua Ip, whose views and insights on our vibrant arts scene serve to stimulate ideas in our readers.

TrendLit aims to become the avant-garde in Singapore’s Chinese literary scene, and to pave the way for our third generation of Chinese language writers.


(Imperfect) In the Space of A Poem: Vol. 2 | 一首诗的时间: 第二辑

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Tan Boon Hui (陈文慧), Ang Lai Sheng (孤星子), Ang Jin Yong (洪均荣), Fang Meiling (方渼淩), Huang Fang (黄芳), Lim Hui Min (林慧敏)