The Thirsty Worsty Goo-Boo

The Thirsty Worsty Goo-Boo

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by Vix Henniker

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Who has a hat that is actually a cup and saucer?

Who has a silver cane that is a teaspoon? Who loves brogues? The Goo-Boo!

Why is his face a frown? What is he searching for?

The Goo-Boo is a fearsome looking creature. But at the heart of the tale is the old adage "don't judge a book by its cover", his heart is that of a true gentleman. Join the Goo-Boo and find out if his revolting quest is successful.

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About the Author

Vix's love of theatre and writing is combined in The Thirtsy Worsty Goo-Boo. Each illustration is a set where the reader's imagination has the space to run free. The title of the book came first, in the form of a nickname given to her daughter when she was a baby, a nickname so cool it deserved its own story!

After nearly a decade of working in media, Vix is now a freelance writer working for a popular women's magazine and various online platforms. This is her first book in the Thirsty Worsty Goo-Boo series. She is also about to finish her first novel.

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ISBN: 978-981-09-3559-7
Published: 2014
Dimension: 255mm x 180mm
Extent: 32
Finish: Paperback