• First Reads: The Impermanence Of Lilies

    A melancholic tribute to the nature of life and a yearning for love, in a story that reaches across lifetimes, borders, and the space between two hearts. This is an excerpt from The Impermanence Of Lilies by Daniel Yeo.
  • First Reads: In This Desert, There Were Seeds

    From our shifting sense of community and identity, to our frustrations with existing political, social and economic structures—In This Desert, There Were Seeds transcends boundaries and captures the persistence of ordinary lives in deserts literal and metaphorical.
  • First Reads: Interpreter of Winds

    Often an unnoticed caress on our faces, winds are voiceless and formless. How do we interpret them? What mysteries can we find in the whispers of winds?   This is an excerpt from Interpreter of Winds, the debut collection of short stories by Fairoz Ahmad.
  • First Look: Gaze Back

    "Nasi Kang Kang" is the opening poem in GAZE BACK, the debut collection of poetry by Marylyn Tan.
  • First Reads: Right of the Soil

    In Yong Shu Hoong's sixth collection of poetry, Right of the Soil, he contemplates how a person is invariably bound to the land on which he first sets foot. The poems address topics like belongingness and birthright, and also attempts to sharpen Yong’s understanding of his relationship with his homeland. A new sequence of poems then plunges readers into Hell, reimagined as Singapore’s third integrated resort that opens underground in the centennial year of 2065, with its concepts inspired by Haw Par Villa’s main attraction, the 10 Courts of Hell.  
  • First Reads: Never Before—50 Essential Poems

    After two years of extensive archival and library research, 50 defining poems of Singapore Chinese literary history have been compiled into one anthology titled Never Before—50 Essential Poems. Diverse, eclectic and sometimes unconventional, these poems capture voices that break from the mainstream and diverge from past representations of what Singapore literature is supposed to be. Read a selection of the poems here!
  • First Reads: The Gods Will Hear Us Eventually

    The Gods Will Hear Us Eventually is the debut novel of Jinny Koh. A riveting read, The Gods is heart-wrenching: 7-year-old Anna's sister goes missing and she is riddled with guilt. Meanwhile, her mother obsessively and desperately searches for her sister. Called "a majestic and beautiful novel", The Gods Will Hear Us Eventually is a suspenseful and psychologically acute story of a family tragedy. Read the prologue here!