“I HAVE TO DEPEND ON OTHERS.” Interview with former Dakota Crescent resident Tong

Tong, at 90, has no family and no children. He shares the struggles of ageing alone and his unease at relying on others. He talks about being caught in a vicious cycle of debt, and bitterly confronts us with how Singapore has left a generation of elderly people behind.

Jinny Koh and Wong Shu Yun on
Family, Expectations, and
Unconditional Love

This is an excerpt of a conversation between Jinny Koh, author of
The Gods Will Hear Us Eventually, and writer Wong Shu Yun
on the complexities of parent-child dynamics and the expectations
of unconditional familial love at Deep Cut: un/conditional love.

First Look: Gaze Back

I asked the internet about nasi kang kang
google said:
some southeast asian cultures believe
that virginal fluids, including menstrual blood
have special supernatural powers
and is commonly used by individuals
and witch doctors in rituals