Ethos Books Festive Market 2023

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Join us at the Ethos Books Festive Market on:

  • Friday, 1 Dec, 6pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, 2 Dec, 1pm – 7pm
  • Sunday, 3 Dec: 1pm – 6pm

Featuring an eclectic indie mix of 17 artists, creatives and community organisers and 5 community dialogues/events. Expect bestselling Ethos titles at generous discounts (up to 40% and $5 book deals!), book swaps, fresh and funky prints and stickers, rad jagua tattoos, soap fragrances, vintage clothing, poetry readings and grounding conversations in the 2023 edition of the Ethos Books Festive Market.

In times like these, to read, connect, discuss and be part of community is both essential and a privilege. We hope you’ll find time to join us and support the vision and value of the creative and community work that we and our collaborators stand for.


- Ethos Books (Fri - Sun)
- Jom (Fri - Sun)
- Maktaba Books (Sat, Sun)
- Post Museum & Friends (Sun)
- Wormhole 

- 3Pumpkins (Sun)
- laphetwyne (Fri - Sun)

- Birkbusha Studios (Sat, Sun)
- Clarice Ng & Marie Toh (Fri, Sat)
- Jynk Ink(Fri - Sun)
- Mercci Makes (Fri - Sun)
- Comic artists from NUS Libraries Writers’ Centre (Fri - Sun)
- SADSHRIMPS (Fri - Sun)

- Afterwork Crochet (Fri - Sun)
- All Fingers & Thumbs(Fri - Sun)
- Kaeru thrift store & Shibui World (Fri, Sat)
- Rough Beauty (Fri, Sat)


  • 1 Dec, Friday, 7pm - 8pm | Picturing the Singapore Dream: launching Jom's first print issue
    with Sudhir Vadaketh, Nabilah Said and Jaya Khidir

    As part of a section on Singaporean housing in its first print magazine, Jom worked with Kontinentalist to design a fold-out insert that has a mix of a choropleth map, infographics and charts, which together depict the housing conundrum we face. A separate project was a satirical photography series that critiques The Singapore Dream by showing couples in four different homes, from a public housing apartment to a colonial black-and-white. Nabilah Said (Editorial Lead, Kontinentalist) and Jaya Khidir (Photographer) join Sudhir Vadaketh (Editor-in-chief, Jom) to talk about their work.

  • 2 Dec, Saturday, 3pm - 4pm | Nusantara Women Conversations IRL
    with Mysara Aljaru, Nessa Anwar and Hajar Manaf, moderated by Sarah Bagharib 

    Join us for an afternoon of real and honest conversations with four women who identify with or feel connected to the Malay cultures of the Nusantara, also known as the Malay Archipelago. We invite you to listen to the stories of these women and explore their identities and the concept of belonging. What does it mean to feel belonging and how can we feel connected through a shared Nusantara identity while navigating unique lived experiences? We hope this session will inspire you to discover and explore your own roots and identity within the Nusantara and beyond.

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  • 2 Dec, Saturday, 5pm - 6pm | Teh Tarik with Walid IRL: Community Building through the Arts
    with 3Pumpkins and ArtsWok Collaborative

    What is community art? What are the spaces they create and how do they impact the communities around them? Join Walid J. Abdullah in conversation with Ngiam Su-Lin (ArtsWok Collaborative) and Lin Shiyun (3Pumpkins) as they explore ways to build community through the arts, and their unique challenges.   

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  • 3 Dec, Sunday, 1.30pm - 2.30pm | In The Interest of Human Interest: Unpacking the impact of storytelling on fringe communities
    with RICE Media

    What is the impact of storytelling on fringe communities? At RICE Media’s panel discussion, its content creators dive into the humane craft of human interest stories and empathetic journalism. As they share their past experiences, they’ll unpack how compelling narratives can amplify marginalised voices while bridging the gap between mainstream society and those defined by the periphery.

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  • 3 Dec Sunday, 3.30pm - 4.30pm | Carnival of Poetry: Bridging Worlds Through Words
    with Migrant Writers of Singapore and SingLit Station

    Carnival of Poetry, organised by Migrant Writers of Singapore and supported by Sing Lit Station and The Majurity Trust, brings together a global community of poets and poetry enthusiasts every month. Join us for an inspiring poetry reading and panel discussion, featuring migrant writers, as we celebrate the unifying power of words that bridge worlds.

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  • Festive Giveaway:
    Reshare this post on Instagram before 30 November and you can win a curated bundle featuring products from our collaborators!
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  • Festive Stamp Rally:
    Purchase items from 3 participating vendors to complete our festive stamp card and claim 1 free gift from the market. Free gifts are kindly provided by the participating vendors and include the following (while stocks last):
    • Stickers / prints / postcards / washi tapes
    • Soap bars
    • Free Jagua tattoos
    • Keychains
    • Enamel Pins
    • Bookmarks
    • and more!
      Stamp card
  • Festive Lucky Draw: Win 6 movie tickets from The Projector! Drop your completed stamp card into our lucky draw box and stand a chance to win a set of 6 Projector tickets. 2 winners will be chosen at the end of the market.