1000 People & 2000 Chairs

It's neat in my mind.

My desk at work is particularly messy during this time of year as various floorplans, lists and attempts at wrangling my thoughts on paper begin to pile up and I contemplate if I’ve parked one too many toy figurines on my desk. All this is finally paying off as Ethos rolls out our year end pop-ups, beginning with the Boutique Fair this weekend (our first time at the F1 Pit Building, and first time doing up a proper backdrop with shiny new bookshelves!) and our annual Festive Sale at the Projector X: Picturehouse next week. 

Truth be told, it’s a bit intimidating setting up our humble booth next to artisanal brands and accomplished creatives at the F1 pit right now, but the team has put in a lot of effort to making do with what we have—from a floor rug I borrowed from my mother-in-law (bits of Feyyan the Cat’s fur still stuck to it lol) to Wei Lin’s partner Dahlia’s vintage toy collection and two resilient potted plants from Mr Fong and Wai Han’s garden. Try spotting these knickknacks in our Instagram stories, or in person if you’re coming by this weekend!

Since it’s been so long since we last had a proper festive pop-up, I managed (in my usual fit of stubborn hubris) to convince Wei Lin and Ariane that we could pull off not one but TWO pop-ups at the Boutique Fair and our own festive sale event at The Projector. No regrets. Haha.

I'm really appreciative of all the other artists and brands who have come onboard to share the space with us for the festive sale next weekend: from artists like Cruddy and Hanko-san, to community groups like our friends Laphetwyne from the Burmese community here, and 3Pumpkins who will be showcasing art by the kids they work with. For the first time, we’ll also be inviting other book brands to our festive sale, including the awesome duo behind Wormhole (amazing taste in books, questionable taste in who is right re: Tom vs Jerry) and our good friends from Function 8.

It feels like I’ve been talking to 1000 people and trying to find 2000 chairs as the festive market is coming together, and I’m hoping that it’ll be a fun and nourishing event for everyone involved. So please come down, we’d all love to see you and talk to you! Ethos has a few more surprises left that we haven’t quite revealed yet, and I hope you’ll like the new stuff we’ve been preparing for the last few months. Thank you for supporting our work and we hope that we can celebrate the end of this year with you in person 😊 

See you around!


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