The Playlist of Ethos Books

picture credit: Diana Rahim (verkur)

The Ethos Team Spring Playlist

We’ve gathered song suggestions for spring from our own team that signify fresh flowers, new beginnings, and our brand new website, enjoy!

1. Last Day of Winter by Vector Lovers 

I love listening to the quiet mystery of water, loosening its wintry hardness and dissolving into warm streams of morning sunlight. - KG

2. Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles 

Because lyrics. Because The Beatles. - Suning

3. The Universe by Gregory Alan Isakov 

This song, like nature, sometimes engulfs me in this weird bubble of hauntingly beautiful music, and I never want to get out. - Jen

4. Rain by Dustin O'Halloran 

It used to rain a lot during Spring when I was studying in Melbourne, Australia. So I associate Spring with Rain… but I love this piece because it feels/sounds so Spring-like. - Ade

5. Touch the Sky from Brave OST

The song makes me feel like escaping into the world of Brave, or Scotland, or any place with rolling hills and sprawling meadows and mists. So refreshing! - Winnie

6. Country Gardens by Percy Grainger, performed by Hastings College Wind Ensemble 

I’m throwing in a classical twist to the list. Hope it’s bearable to the ears! - Yanping

7. She Looks So Perfect cover by Ed Sheeran

The track which reminds me of spring is ironically sang originally by a band called Six Seconds of Summer. I guess I chose this track because I associate spring with young love. - Teresa

8. Follow the Light by Travis

Simple, uplifting - with a touch of melancholy. In the last days of a long hard winter, I imagine this is what Spring would be singing softly to me in my sleep. - Sera