A Way of Slowly Seeing

A sunset

Dear Reader,

I joined the world of Ethos Books half a year ago, and I am writing this letter as this journey comes to an end. Today, I want to share with you a few of the lessons I have learnt over these past few months:

Slow down, step back, and look at the small things. If you’re wondering how long it takes to choose the right font or colour, the answer is longer than you think. What do I do when the shade of blue I chose seems too clinical or a particular Serif font seems too serious or the layout isn’t striking enough? I have learnt to view things with a more critical eye, tuning in to fine details and focusing on features that may go by unnoticed. This way of seeing slowly has become a lens through which I view the world, and the world has slowly become a bit more exciting. Now, I sometimes catch a glimpse of a stranger’s smile, soft and fleeting. I am more aware of how my mom’s fruity-floral perfume lingers around the house. I cherish the sizzling sound of my brother frying eggs on the weekend. I adore the polka-dotted shirt that the old lady across from me wears on an otherwise mundane bus ride. It feels lovely to be surprised by the small things, so I encourage you to also slow down, step back, and take the world as a constant source of excitement and inspiration.

2020 has proven to us that things cannot always be planned for. If you asked me in January, I wasn’t supposed to be doing this internship. I wasn’t supposed to be on a gap year. I was supposed to be a sophomore in college, acing all my classes while having a vibrant social life with my friends as we embraced the 2am-microwaved-cup-noodle-dormitory life. Now, I realise that getting stuck on the idea of how things are supposed to be is futile. The best things are unexpected, so sometimes we must let go for a bit in order to be thrown into greater experiences.

The fastest way to reach a destination may not always be the best option. I myself have chosen to take the slower, more scenic route, and I am truly enjoying myself along the way. Next time you hear from me, I have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing. All I know is that I’ll be focusing on the small achievements in life, like finally getting my driver’s license! 🚗

Bye for now,
Lamees :)

(From Jan 2, 2020)