In it for the long fight.

A painting of a girl in the doorway of a house in the forest
Loïs Mailou Jones, 'Sedalia, North Carolina' (1929)


Dear Reader,

This notion has been buzzing around in my mind of late, that this is all just one long, extended fight, made up of many long fights. We hear it from our leaders describing the pandemic, and over the past week I’ve been grateful for the crucial reminders that #BlackLivesMatter isn’t a trend to forget about by the time next month rolls around. The work doesn’t end here.

Several weeks ago, I wrapped up my part in the editorial work for Eating Chilli Crab. There was a sense of finality for me when I realised this. But of course, some projects don’t really have an ending. My experience with this book involved lots of reading, and as a result finding clarity for many questions and topics that I’ve always pondered (Orang Laut, land reclamation, Jurong Island). Like it did for me, I imagine Eating Chilli Crab to offer so many opportunities for more study and discussion regarding our world and life at large. I hope that you too, will find it impossible to tie a neat bow on it when you’re done.

It can be scary to think about it as a long fight. As often as I have found myself losing steam when I remember how overwhelming it is, I’ve also become a big believer of picking myself up again. We can always continue the work from where we’ve left off. We will fight the long fight.


(From June 6, 2020)