One Pot At A Time

Photo of painted ceramic dishes

“Art to me is a labour of love and like such labours expects neither gain nor reward and brings meaning to one’s life.”
– Georgette Chen

Dear Reader,

I’m Chloe, the new marketing assistant intern here at Ethos Books. The past three weeks have been incredibly exciting for me – from meeting the team (and our lovely terrapin, Pethos) to creating new content for our books – the entire experience has been so surreal.

Nonetheless, I hope that everyone has been doing alright during these uncertain and perhaps, stressful times. As we navigate the world of remote-working and reduced mobility together, I would like to share a hobby of mine that has been helping me to cope with all of these changes.

I’ve always been mesmerised by pottery and ceramic art. The process of moulding and transforming a block of clay into a functional bowl or a glazed plate is therapeutic and beautiful for both the potter and the viewer. If you’ve seen videos of wheel-thrown pottery, you get the sense that the textures and silhouettes of clay seem to create an organic form and language of their own.

But what I appreciate the most about this medium is its malleability and versatility. There is something rejuvenating and freeing about being able to make whatever you want from scratch using such natural and earthly materials (water and clay are all you need). And nature, with its infinite beauty and spirituality, has been a constant source of inspiration for my art projects.

Pottery making has also been an unexpectedly enlightening experience for me. In a world where you can get manufactured and microwave-safe plates for less than a dollar, it is easy to feel disconnected from our material possessions (much less everyday kitchenware!). Yet, sculpting these creations with my bare hands has given me a newfound appreciation for one of the most enduring ancient crafts. With handmade ceramics, no two pieces are identical. Every clay plate or pot you make is different, and each one has a story to be told.

While I understand that pottery and ceramic art may not be the most accessible art form to everyone during this period, I hope that you too can find a creative outlet that not only heals and inspires you but also allows you to see beauty in the most ordinary things! 💖

With love,

(From June 5, 2021)