Rekindling Joy

My wall of mini joys in the form of postcards & pictures!
(I have more hidden in the drawer)

I hope you've been well. It's almost three months into 2023 and I hope the year has been treating you kindly.
Recently I started this journey of rekindling lost sparks of joy. I had stopped doing these little things because the business of life and responsibilities had gotten in the way, and I have often found myself in a place of discouragement. I'm pretty sure we've all had those days where your feet get a little heavier and your steps don't have that same bounce anymore. I see you, and I feel you.
And so, I decided to embark on this little journey of doing things that add more flavour to my life, from rewatching comfort animes (Studio Ghibli and any early 2000s anime will always have a soft spot in my heart) to relearning forgotten piano pieces to collecting illustrated postcards. These are some things that have helped me reignite that spark.
I hope you, too, will discover things that make your heart swell. It could be in the form of a hobby, a place or even a person! Before I sign off, I want to leave you with this small encouragement for the week ahead.
Perhaps 2023 didn't start off the way you wanted it to be, and that's alright. You've done your best and that's good enough. The important thing is—you are still here, living and breathing. So as the year continues and life goes on, don't forget to pause, admire the flowers by the footpath and just breathe. Just as how these little things have brought me immense joy, I hope that you'll be able to find that spark in life once more.
With love,
Si Hui.

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