The heart is the seat of intention

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“The heart is the seat of intention.”

If you ask me, my book isn’t about terawih. My previous drafts didn’t even mention the word. And it definitely wasn’t my intention to limit its enjoyment to Muslims.

Ramadhan is a special time where Muslims all over the world make change in their lives. They build new habits and strive to shed harmful ones. The 30 or so days can be transformative. For me, the path that opened during this time a few years ago was terawih—ritual prayers exclusive to Ramadhan nights.

But what about you?

What’s the uncharted terrain that you wanted to go to but didn’t let yourself? What’s the difficult thing to do that you know your soul needs? What were you seeking that had been right in front of you if only you had the courage to go for it?

There is bountiful energy in this time to pursue beautiful change. No task no habit is too mammoth when you’re fuelled by something much, much bigger than you. It’s not so much that “I can’t do this” is momentarily not true, but that your renewed intention is held buoyant by a life force bigger than you. The force that flows streams and raises mountains is the same one within you. And these 30 days are a chance to connect with it like no other.

Who cares if you have failed before? Or that it’s been 2 weeks? It’s not a one-off sprint but a cyclical marathon. Days, months, years, decades. The time has come again.

My name is Nur Hadziqah. I chose “Ziks” for the author’s name because my book had to have an author. I chose “Ziks” to simultaneously identify with and distance myself from it. I chose “Ziks” to  awkwardly acknowledge all the people whose experiences I witnessed and recorded—the people who were with me at that time, sobbing, weary, happy, tired, shoulder to shoulder. This is about them. This is about us. This is for everyone.

So, go forth. The time is now. I am shamelessly resetting my intentions. And I pray the goodness comes through for me and for you. You are not alone.

Yang Menulis Notes After Terawih

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