When One World Closes, Another Opens!

The game Animal Crossing on a Nintendo Switch

Photo by Sara Kurfess.

I’m Wisha, the new editorial assistant intern at Ethos Books. This past month has been a whirlwind of new experiences for me – from being welcomed by the Ethos team, learning how to take care of Pethos, to familiarising myself with the different moving parts of the publishing process.

Of course, in the past month, we’ve all also had to adapt to heightened Covid-19 restrictions – readjusting to a life eerily similar to the Circuit Breaker. And amidst these new restrictions, and the ever-fluctuating nature of the pandemic, the in-person connections that we once took for granted are once again out of our reach. With dine-in closed, strict limits on houseguests and no more loitering around malls (or whatever the kids do these days), we’ve had to come up with more creative ways of connecting with our loved ones.

One way, that I’ve found myself turning to more often, is through the world of video games. Tired of staring at each other on Zoom, my friends and I began exploring the infinite potential of the virtual world during the Circuit Breaker last summer. For anyone who believes, as I do, that books have the power to transport you to anywhere in the world, video games are much the same. Whether it’s Minecraft on a mobile phone, Animal Crossing on a Nintendo Switch or Borderlands 2 on a PC, there’s no end to the adventures you can embark on together.

My favourite aspect of video games, however, isn’t the hundreds of side quests, the hours of mindless fun, or even the ability to push your friends into a virtual whirlpool when they’re annoying you. It’s the community. It’s the opportunity to be able to explore this new world with friends, at a time when our world might be closed off to us.

I recognise, of course, that I’m a nerd and this may not be everyone’s cup of tea – or even accessible to everyone. But I think we’re living in an interesting moment in history where we’re being forced to re-examine and redefine how we connect with others and what that connection means to us. So, reach out, explore and find what works for you and your community!


P.S: Happy Pride Month! 🌈

(From June 12, 2021)

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