About Ethos Books

Ethos Books is an independent publisher of literary fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Giving voice to emerging and exciting writers from diverse backgrounds, we help foster an environment in which literature and the arts not only survive, but thrive. In short, we nurture the growing literary community in Singapore and throughout the region.

That's why our authors and their ideas come first. By taking a collaborative approach to publishing, we bring each author‘s voice and vision to fruition. We are always open to new ideas: different ways of working and fresh ways of delivering the unparalleled satisfaction only a good book can bring.

Established in 1997, Ethos Books, an imprint of Pagesetters Services Pte Ltd, aims to create books that capture the spirit of a people and reflect the ethos of our changing times.



Mr Fong

For the last 23 years, Fong Hoe Fang has led Pagesetters Services in advertising and communication design work. In 1997 he started the Ethos Books imprint for Pagesetters to give voice to emerging writers and to help foster a lively literary environment. Today, Fong continues his quest to help writers tell compelling social stories.


Wai Han

Wai Han, a Social Work graduate, helps to edit and produce books with the team. (An irony indeed, considering that she dreaded writing compositions during school days!) She enjoys composing Chinese blessing poems for friends with their names, volunteering through singing Cantonese gospel opera to the elderly, and working on issues of social conscience.


Kah Gay

Working with a young and dynamic crew, KG focuses on making books and supporting an environment for literature, the arts and culture. Top of his wish list: to build the foundation for a regional network of publishers, for the circulation of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Also, to find friends who would want to work on publishing projects to spread environmental consciousness.



Suning manages submissions and the publishing schedule at Ethos. Primarily an editor for prose, she has worked on a range of genres and does not take for granted the tedium, the trifle, the trust and tenderness that comes with wielding words. She harbours a strange desire to one day engage in "method-editing".



Justin Chia produces books and other things of a literary nature at Ethos Books. He writes and edits the ongoing letter series, Attunement, from Ethos that goes out every Saturday. He is drawn to poetry & literary fiction though he is most interested in representations of rabbits in literature. You can follow Justin on Twitter at @nabokovia.



Jennifer is Sales Manager and resident feminist of Ethos Books. You've probably seen or heard her recommending books at our book sales. She strongly believes that meaningful stories can be told without resorting to stereotypes or speaking for (and over) others. That's why she's at Ethos!



Arin is an editor, writer, and cat person. She provides editorial support to tell stories that matter. She endeavours to reduce her carbon footprint and loves local businesses that champion sustainable, ethical practices. She can be seen reading in bed with coffee in hand and cat on her lap.



Benjamin works on commissioned projects and finds quiet contentment in assembling books from their individual components—much like the wondrous satisfaction one feels when biting into a well-constructed burger. He also doubles up as the caretaker for a certain red-eared slider, who realised in him a love for animals he never knew was always there.



Bee Choo

Bee Choo joined the team in 2013 as a Finance & Administration Manager. Her main portfolio is to handle all accounting and financial functions of the company. She also doubles up as HR, payroll Master and ensuring we have more than enough washi-tape supplies.



Glen is an Accounting & Finance graduate that joined Ethos to learn more about the publishing business. His duties include drafting up sales invoices, as well as monitoring the online sales channel of Ethos. He likes learning catchy songs on UltimateGuitar.com, as well as staring out into the white abyss of rain whenever there’s a thunderstorm.




Lamees grew up in Bangladesh and Singapore before moving to the US last year for college. Now, she is taking a gap semester to explore new ideas and delve into exciting experiences, like helping out with marketing at Ethos! She loves stickers, smoothies and bright colours. You can follow her art here @lamees.art.



Having just completed his studies in comparative literature, Samuel is now with Ethos to continue telling the stories that make everyone human. He is fascinated by the blend of the real and surreal in literature, a space where anything that can happen, will happen. He is also constantly on the lookout for the perfect musical spot between jangle pop, fuzzy guitars and dreamy synths. He may be the creature on the right in this picture, but he sometimes wishes he were the one on the left.