Daren Shiau

Daren Shiau is a fiction writer, poet and lawyer in private practice. He has been described by The Arts Magazine as “among the most exciting of the post-1965 generation of writers” and cited by the Lonely Planet travel guide as the author of the “definitive Singapore novel”. An author of four books, his short stories and poems have been translated into several languages and anthologised in Italy and Australia. The National Arts Council’s Young Artist of the Year in 2002, Daren has been invited to read in New York, Boston, London and Sydney. He enjoys black coffee and listening to 70s punk rock.

Books by Daren Shiau


Peninsular, Daren Shiau's second book, is built around the inescapable motif of islands and archipelagos. The collection redeems as it explores identity and existence through notions of fragments, fragmentation and the fragility of wholeness.

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Heartland explores the paradox of rootedness and rootlessness facing Singaporeans born after the Japanese Occupation. Wing, who has just been conscripted, is unable to reconcile his future but unwilling to dwell in the past. He finds his own meaning in an intense attachment to his surrounding landscape. 

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