Days of Being Wild: GE2006 Walking the Line with the Opposition

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by Dana Lam

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Days of Being Wild records with words and images, the heady days of GE2006. It reflects the nine days when Singaporeans throw off the visage of their normally reticent selves. They clamber over ditches and down soggy, pitted paths to hear and to see for themselves the measure of those who seek their votes.

It is a story of what ordinary people feel and do as individuals and as collective social groups in a time of relatively unfettered freedom. A fragment of time for Election Rallies.

The book preserves the testimonies and acknowledges the resilience of ordinary Singaporeans who may be unable to articulate themselves in print, and are consequently denied their voice in history.

Elections throw up victors and the vanquished. But history should not be written only for the victors. The stories of the courageous men and women who stand up to give us a choice in the democratic process must be given an airing. Our history will become richer, our roots deeper. Herein lies the purpose of this book, dedicated to our children. They must have this choice preserved for them.

About the Author

Dana Lam is the president of the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) and a member of The Working Committee 2 (TWC2), currently registered as Transient Workers Count Too. Other than getting away with not displaying parking coupons she has been a good citizen most of her life. She is mother to two grown-up children.

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ISBN: 981-05-7052-X (Paperback)
ISBN: 981-05-7051-1 (Hardback)
Published: 2006
Dimension: 210mm x 245mm
Extent: 148
Finish: Paperback

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